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    The establishment of the enterprise benefit and the development trend of electronic commerce
    Author:    Released in:2014-11-27 15:32:27    Text:【Lage】【medium】【small

    Website construction of the latest relevant information points:
    Enterprise can say basic has now do website, every enterprise from the passive to accept, to take the initiative to do website today.Image from the enterprise website, website, type websites and e-commerce sites, you can see now the idea of people is constantly changing.Though, so I still want to talk about the benefits of the website construction.According to my summary of the 11 o ’clock I give my personal opinion, hope you can agree with my opinion.

    First, show the image of enterprise
    In the fierce competition of the digital information age, enterprises set up their own web site is urgent. Regardless of the large, medium and small businesses, all must not be eliminated by times, so the construction site is the enterprise hold the pulse of The Times, measure of enterprise whether to keep up with The Times. The smart operators understand and good at using the most advanced media, the Internet, set up the enterprise image, promote enterprise products. Enterprise set up web site, is the enterprise in the Internet age in the stage of enterprises show their own strength and seek development important way. Enterprise through the concise and easy, distinctive web to express their product information and services, and timely, comprehensive understanding of customer information feedback.

    Second, according to the requirement of the new era
    A strong impression to the customer. If a large enterprise doesn’t even have a website or do very not standard, to the customer’s impression is: this is not a modern enterprise, is a too traditional enterprise can’t keep up with the situation. If done well, to the customer’s feeling is: the corporate leadership advanced consciousness, one of the leading enterprises in technology, intelligent, the scientific management of customer feel completely different, trust is much higher.

    Third, can store more information more convenient.
    Traditional enterprise want to do some publicity for products, may’s approach is to be a brochure, a brochure at best be dozens of pages, but sites can do hundreds of thousands of pages. For example, in introduces a project, we in the brochure up to put a picture or two, a short text, but it can be described in detail on the site project background, technical difficulties, construction conditions, the effect is obviously better than brochure. And cost of the two methods differ, the think everyone will understand;

    Fourth, can even more update information
    Such as the certain products upgrading of an enterprise, or have a new product, according to the traditional way to redesign printing brochures can be trouble, but on the website, with this job is very simple, able to update modify, and delete information. In addition the company have any activities, such as the chronicle of news, also can timely published to the web site, let your customer first to know your company’s latest status;

    Fifth, to make full use of network resources
    The Internet is a powerful tool with a low price is very convenient to send the product or service information to every corner of the world. All customers all over the world can through the web site, understand the enterprise. The Internet has connected with quite a number of Internet users, enterprises, institutions and government, and to a wide range of development. The Internet in China is developing with geometric series speed, therefore, any enterprise, should not be exposed to the Internet;

    Sixth, the website can be faster to improve enterprise’s popularity and brand
    After a period of the Internet boom, many brands do bigger and stronger, such as sohu, sina, netease, etc, they are very well with the aid of the Internet, believe in the Internet as a platform to develop at present, is one of the measures to improve brand value of choice for good;

    Seventh, strengthen two-way communication, mining potential customers
    Real two-way communication, after customer see enterprise website can contact immediately after to discuss further the intention of producing, effectively retain the "impulse to buy" customers, increase the probability of success. In addition, the customer to the company’s opinions or Suggestions can also be through the web site to be able to collect. Websites can help enterprises to find potential clients, and the brochure is powerless. Through search engines, web links, you can upload the information of your company all over the world, for you to find potential customers;

    Eighth, no limit of time and space of interaction with customers
    Enterprise website, the website there is no limit of time and space, can realize communication anytime and anywhere, will be opened to the Internet, information advisory station need personnel, to provide information services. Can establish the real-time, project or individual with external communication channels of information. Some companies on the web site public email address, allows customers to comment to the enterprise by E-mail. Because E-mail transmission speed quickly, the enterprise can get customer information quickly and timely reply. Some enterprise site in the form of BBS or message board board customer contact, customers can feedback, at the same time can also see other customer information and the information before. Can make customers comprehensive and objective understanding of the enterprise and enterprise services and products;

    Ninth, take the initiative to seize market opportunities
    Companies on the Internet, it is inevitable in the development of era, any enterprise want to keep up with the time development trend, must surf the Internet. As soon as possible to avoid behind the pace of peers, in order not to lag behind the trend of The Times, the enterprise website construction is is inevitable;

    The tenth, enhances the working efficiency of the enterprise
    Site can also help enterprises to increase efficiency, reduce the intermediate links, standardize management, reduce the management cost. The company internal each department can through the website to enhance understanding and harmonious atmosphere, eventually to improve work efficiency. In a word, with the help of the Internet, within the enterprise, the enterprise and branch offices, enterprise and customer, enterprise and supplier, enterprise and government established a unprecedented close relation, has brought tangible benefits for the enterprise.

    The eleventh, e-commerce development trend
    Electronic commerce is the trend of future economy development, the target is to realize the information network and electronic trading, such as the use of electronic money, open online stores, online business negotiations and sign a contract to use electronic signature and so on. Internet enterprises usually joining an industry association website or online business website, become a member or transmit. In the industry association website or business supply and demand information posted on the website, access to relevant policy and market information, enjoy other services. Enterprise website, from sales point of view, can reduce the transaction of the intermediate links, reduce the cost. Enterprise website can also be expanded to become online sales and pre-sale consulting service center.
    See these is dizzy, the basis of all these must have a website, if there is no web site, they don’t have to talk about everything.If, as a business, you don’t have a website, then you OUT now.So the website construction, is the foundation of all commercial construction.To carry on the construction site promotion, use a small amount of investment can bring a lot of potential customers!

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